NVIDIA vs AMD – Which Graphics Cards Are Best In 2020?

The 2010s haven’t been a good time for AMD. In addition to struggling with their FX series of CPUs that were years behind what Intel was selling, AMD also had trouble competing with Nvidia in the GPU market, as “Team Green” dominated the high-end while AMD could only really keep up in the low-end and the mid-range.

However, AMD finally made a comeback in 2017, starting with the release of their long-awaited Ryzen CPUs that are now a very popular choice for gaming builds. Then, in 2019, AMD launched its 7nm RDNA-based Navi GPUs in an attempt to catch up with Nvidia, too.

In this article, we’ll see just how well AMD manages to compete with Nvidia in 2020 and, ultimately, which company offers better gaming GPUs at the moment.

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